HVAC design at Ascent begins with a collaborative effort to determine the most appropriate system for each project.  We enter into the design process with the understanding that every project is different and each client has a unique set of priorities.  Our design experience encompasses a broad spectrum ranging from large central campus distribution systems to the renovation of a single classroom.  Some of our specialties include central plant systems (steam, chilled water, and heating water), building design, building renovations, industrial ventilation, indoor air quality, engineering analysis of existing systems, energy studies and analysis, energy modeling, building automation systems/energy management systems, geothermal systems, thermal storage, sustainable design, LEED certification, life cycle cost analysis, code analysis, and cost estimating.


At Ascent Engineering Group, our electrical engineers bring years of experience to the design of every aspect of a facility’s electrical system.  We design and specify complete power distribution systems from the power company’s service entrance down to each individual branch circuit including all distribution equipment such as switchboards, panelboards, transformers, etc.  We also have proficiency in grounding and protection systems including surge protective devices (SPDs) and lightning protection systems.  Emergency/standby power distribution is a specialty as well from engine generator sets and automatic transfer switches (ATS) to central battery inverter systems and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Lighting design is a particular area of expertise. We provide complete lighting systems for any facility in our major project areas, both interior and exterior ranging from theatrical lighting to sportslighting for athletic competition.  We have a wide range of knowledge in all types of lighting from HID to LED and use computer software to model the photometric performance of our designs.  We then pair the choice of lighting with appropriate lighting controls from manual switching to fully automated building wide lighting control systems for a complete lighting system design.

We bring a thorough knowledge of all applicable codes and standards such as the National Electrical Code, International Building Code, International Energy Conservation Code, ASHRAE, IESNA Lighting Handbook, ADA, etc., to everything we do.   All parts of the electrical design are performed with the core principle of meeting and exceeding the operational, maintenance, energy usage and budget goals of our clients.


We offer customer-centered plumbing systems engineering, design, construction documents, and construction administration for commercial, educational, institutional, health care, food service, and residential facilities that comply with all international and local plumbing and health codes and owner preferences.  The following systems are often included in our projects: Domestic water distribution, sanitary waste and vent, chemical waste, vent, and neutralization, storm water management, domestic hot water storage, heating, and distribution, natural and LP gas distribution, plumbing equipment and fixture selection and specification, medical gas piping, vacuum, and air distribution, water conservation strategies and system design including low flow and waterless fixture selection, storm water collection and storage, gray water and rain water distribution for irrigation and building use, solar hot water generation, and full LEED support documentation, calculations, and services,  as well as other types of plumbing specialty systems.

Fire Protection

We offer customer-centered sprinkler systems engineering, design, construction documents, and construction administration for commercial, educational, institutional, health care and food service facilities that comply with all international and local sprinkler/life safety codes, and owner preferences.  The following systems are often included in our projects: Wet sprinkler systems, dry sprinkler systems, standpipe systems, chemical agent and mist systems. Design can include complete layouts, fire pump design, hydraulic analysis, hydraulic calculations, drawings and specifications.

Information Technology

Our technology specialists have performed Design and Construction Administrative Services for all of our major project areas.  All systems can be designed to operate over copper, coax, fiber-optic, and wireless infrastructures, disseminating information over high-speed electronic switches, routers and a variety of data circuits.  We coordinate between the Owner System/Technology Department/End Users/Installing Trades to ensure compatibility of software and equipment operation over the different systems and cabling infrastructure to achieve the IEEE Standards.  We design our systems with flexibility to handle emerging technologies.  Major technology areas include the following: voice systems, audio/video systems, intra-building communication systems, security systems, data & local area network (LAN) systems, wide area voice & data systems, and building automation systems.


 There is an old saying that knowledge equals power.  At Ascent, we like to put the power back in our clients’ hands by offering commissioning services.  This provides our clients with the system knowledge necessary to achieve powerful savings.  Our clients get to see where their systems have strengths and weaknesses, and then choose the best way to use their money to maximize efficiency. Ascent is uniquely qualified for LEED commissioning.  Our Commissioning Department is led by a Professional Engineer experienced in design, construction administration and commissioning.  We have been extensively involved in verifying correct system operation since long before commissioning was appreciated as it is in today’s current market.


  • Audio/Video/Audio Visual Systems
  • Building Automation (EMS) Systems
  • Building Renovations
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Commissioning
  • Economic Evaluations
  • Electrical Power
  • Energy Management/Conservation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Fire/Security/Alarm Systems
  • Fire Protection
  • Heating/Ventilating/Air Conditioning
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Intra-Building Communications System
  • Lighting Consultation
  • Media Retrieval Systems
  • Plumbing- Pre-Planning Studies
  • Process Piping
  • Refrigeration
  • Solar Energy Utilization
  • Sound Reinforcement Systems
  • Thermal Storage
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Utilities
  • WAN/LAN/WLAN Systems